by Sofía Ramos and Irene Rubio

Conflicts during the Second Voyage

The conflict stared in the second voyage when the Catholic Monarch skips the agreement between Columbus and they because they didn’t have so much notices about the Admiral or because the benefits of the company
didn’t compensate the cost of the successive expedition of help, in this case the Monarch dictate a number of provisions that posed a liberalization in the voyage and in the trade with the new world , when the Monarch did that skips the “CAPITULACONES THE SANTA FE”
The 10 of march in 1496 Columbus retuned to Castile .Columbus was interview with the Catholic Monarch in Burgos , he did an exotic scene .The admiral defended tried to demonstrated the economic possibilities of the company standing the abundance of gold and more thing .Foncesca and his group wanted to had the dominion of the “Indian company” they criticized the behavior and administration of Columbus.
Columbus emerge unscathed in this first attempt of disqualification

Conflicts during the Third Voyage

Again the Monarch skips the “CAPITULACIONES DE SANTA FE”
sending Real manager Francisco de Bobadilla in 1500 whose arrival and stopped Columbus and his brothers , they retuned to Spain .During this voyage Columbus wrote a long letter to the Catholic Monarch saying that previously in the “CAPITULACIONES DE SANTA FE” he was appointed admiral , viceroy and governor of all the lands that he found or won during his life named hereditary his successors .They were prisoners in Cadiz and during some months until that the Catholic Monarch ordered that they were released but he was temporarily private of was the governor of the New World

Conflicts during the Fouth Voyage

The fourth and the last voyage was the worse one .The failure of the objectives ,the difficulties of the voyage and the sensitive health of Columbus ,all this was explain in a letter that the his son Diego wrote reached soon.
"I have served Your Highnesses with diligence and love more than could have been used to win the Paradise, and if something goes wrong because it was impossible or was beyond my knowledge and power. Lord God, in such cases, it calls on men more than good will. "

Since that time, Columbus lived marginalized any overseas company.

For balance, it raised what was the contribution made by Columbus and can be considered as the discoverer of America. It is not disputed that Columbus was the one who established the irreversible contact between the Old and New World, but the topic of discussion is whether he came to realize that was before a new continent or if you always clung to the idea that had reached the Far East described by Marco Polo, or at least some islands in its vicinity.