by Paula González

1-Columbus came to Castile

In 1485, a sailor called Christopher Columbus came to Castile proceeding of Huelva.
Christopher Columbus came to Castile because he had a very important project in his mind and he needed an economical help for carry out his project.
In that centuries Castile where an important crown with a lot of power. It was ruled by Isabel II of Castile an Fernando of Aragon, the Catholic Monarchs.

2-An interview with the kings

The idea of this trip was an interview with the kings to present them his project, but this was very difficult because the Catholic Monarchs were going from north to south to the conquest of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada.

3-Diego,his son

Columbus travelled with his son Diego. He left his son in the monastery ``La Rábida´´. Thank to the help of the fray Juan Perez and fray Juan Marchena, here he received economic aid and a latter of recommendation to see the Catholic Monarchs, who received him in January 1486.

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