by Sandra González and Diego López

1. Father

Columbus was brought up by his family that wasn’t very rich. His father, Domenico Colombo was born in 1418; He had three brothers, Franceschino, Giacomo, and Bertino. He was a middle-class wool weaver, who later had a cheese stand where Christopher was helper and had a small tavern too. He lived in a house to plan of Sant´Andrea. In the Straight Alley, in the quarter of Ponticello, neighbour to the Door of Sant´Andrea call also Soprano Door. In this house Domenico died in 1496.

Domenico colombo
Domenico colombo

2. Mother

His mother was Susana Fontanarossa, she was Genoese wool Weaver.Almost nothing is known about her before her marriage to Domenico Colombo in 1445. She bore 5 children to Domenico: Cristoforo, Bartolomeo, Giovanni, Giacomo, and a daughter named Bianchinetta.

3. Brothers and sisters

They were five brothers, Bartolomeo Columbus was an explorer and the younger brother of Christopher Columbus, he and Columbus had vocation of sailors very soon, the third was Giacomo that learned the profession of weaver, and the fourth was Giovanni that died very youn. Is possible that also had one sister called Bianchinetta, but there isn’t a lot of information.
Domenico Colombo